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    We provide expert financial planning with a varied portfolio of services

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    Financial Review

    For some it will be a specific event that triggers a need to seek advice, perhaps an unexpected inheritance or the sale of a business, but for others it may be more mundane, perhaps an article in the weekend press, or a statement from your pension provider. Whatever your motivation you are likely to have come […]
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    The foundation of proper planning. It is all too easy to review your pension arrangements and dream of long afternoons indulging your interests, whether it be garden,golf or grandchildren, but too many plans are undone by a failure to protect what you already have. At Somborne Financial Planning we believe that any sound financial plan […]
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    Retirement Planning

    There was a time when people expected to remain with the same employer for life but today’s employees are far more likely to work for a number of different Firms. With constantly changing rules, and an assortment of retained pensions, many people find themselves approaching retirement with little understanding of what their funds are likely […]
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    Retirement Income

    Today’s retirees are typically blessed with better health than any previous generation and can expect to enjoy a much longer retirement. This is fantastic but brings with it questions and issues such as: How can you know how much you can spend without knowing how long you have? Inflation tends to be relatively benign over […]
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    Savings and Investment

    We offer advice on all forms of savings and investments from ISAs and Bonds through to property and buy-to-let, and much more. What is appropriate to you will depend on your personal circumstances and objectives. In advising you we take account of your personal circumstances, what you want to achieve, your experience, your attitude to […]
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    Estate Planning

    Once termed a voluntary tax, due to the myriad of options available to legitimately avoid its payment, successive changes in regulation have made it harder for the wealthy to avoid Inheritance Tax, yet much can still be done. Inheritance Tax raises relatively little for the Treasury but remains a political hot potato. As such it […]
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    Business Planning

    Our proposition to businesses is straightforward; we will work closely with you and your other professional advisers to ensure that the time and effort you’ve invested in your business yields the results you want.  Dealing with constantly changing regulation can place a significant burden on senior managers. Ensure that you aware of your regulatory requirements […]
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    Tax and Wills

    Tax and legal advice are integral to any financial plan yet are often overlooked. We work with both Solicitors and Accountants to ensure that any arrangements that we advise take full account of legal and tax implications. If you already have a Solicitor or Accountant we would be pleased to work with them to achieve […]
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