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    Retirement Planning

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There was a time when people expected to remain with the same employer for life but today’s employees are far more likely to work for a number of different Firms. With constantly changing rules, and an assortment of retained pensions, many people find themselves approaching retirement with little understanding of what their funds are likely to provide for them.

Pension Plans have evolved considerably over recent years with many newer plans offering lower charges, greater flexibility, and enhanced investment choice. At Somborne Financial Planning we can review your existing arrangements to give you a better understanding of what you are likely to achieve in terms of pension income, and tell you whether or not it may be in your interests to consider consolidating your old plans. This is something that should be approached with caution as some older plans have valuable guarantees attached and/or punitive penalties for transfer. We strongly recommend you seek advice.

We can include the value of State Pensions, Final Salary (Defined Benefit), and Money Purchase (Defined Contribution) schemes to give you a complete picture of what you have and how it matches both your goal for retirement income and your attitude to risk.