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    Financial Review

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For some it will be a specific event that triggers a need to seek advice, perhaps an unexpected inheritance or the sale of a business, but for others it may be more mundane, perhaps an article in the weekend press, or a statement from your pension provider. Whatever your motivation you are likely to have come to this site because you recognise that you may benefit from some expert advice.

You may have dealt with an Advisor previously, and lost contact, or been disappointed in the service, alternatively you may be seeking advice for the first time. Either way you would be justified in seeking comfort that the services that are being offered are right for you.

The first meeting we have with prospective clients is at our expense and without obligation; this provides us with an opportunity to better understand your personal situation, and you, with an opportunity to get to know us and what we can offer. If at the end of the meeting you decide that you wish to engage us we will explain how our fees work and provide you with a written quote to provide an initial report.

The initial report will provide you with a detailed analysis of your current financial arrangements and how closely they match your stated objectives and aspirations. We will highlight areas requiring attention and provide guidance on the options available to you.

By charging you for this initial piece of work you gain the comfort of knowing that we have been paid for our time and that any subsequent arrangement, or rearrangement, of your financial affairs is completely separate. In short, you won’t be sold to and are free to engage us for further work or not as you see fit.