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    Savings and Investment

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We offer advice on all forms of savings and investments from ISAs and Bonds through to property and buy-to-let, and much more.

What is appropriate to you will depend on your personal circumstances and objectives. In advising you we take account of your personal circumstances, what you want to achieve, your experience, your attitude to risk, and your capacity for loss. Only by doing this can we be sure that what we recommend is suitable and most likely to meet your needs.

Saving on a regular basis can have advantages in today’s volatile markets whereas lump sum investing provides scope for more immediate gain, or loss. If you are considering starting a plan you should be prepared to invest for at least five years and take the time to ensure that the product and funds are right for you. See below for our top tips on investing.

We do not run our own funds but instead carry out regular due diligence to select a range of funds and fund managers that we match to clients based on their specific requirements.

Our top tips for investing:

  1. Don’t ‘Buy now whilst stocks last’. Any decision to purchase a fund should be done with due consideration of the risks involved, the duration of the investment, and its suitability for you
  2. Do diversify – risks come in all shapes and sizes but can be substantially reduced by diversification. The old adage of Eggs in a Basket has never been truer than for investment savings
  3. Don’t buy the latest fad investment – it tends to be the case that the highest level of hype coincides with the top of most specialist markets
  4. Do ensure that you understand what you’re buying – the industry has been incredibly inventive but many of the instruments used to put products together are complex and carry additional risks
  5. Don’t buy new funds – Whilst some continue to perform well many get off to a flying start but quickly fade. There are plenty of well established proven funds to choose from so, in most cases, it simply isn’t worth the risk
  6. Do be wary of funds that are linked to the Company offering advice – they typically provide additional remuneration to the Adviser and, in our view, compromise the Firms ability to act impartially
  7. Don’t buy anything that sounds too good to be true – it probably is!
  8. Do try and be contrarian – past experience has shown that those who invest when others are selling and who sell when others are investing will make more money
  9. Don’t believe everything you read in the press – few journalists have formal investment qualifications and many are fed stories by those with a vested interest
  10. Do take the time to find out what might be right for you – doing nothing is rarely a good option and investing appropriately could enrich your life.